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Question 14: Find second largest number in an array

You are given a sorted and rotated array as below:
For example:
int[] arr1={7,5,6,1,4,2}; Second largest element in the array : 6
You can sort the array and then return the second last element in the array but it will be done in o(nlogn)  time,


  • Initialize highest and secondHighest with minimum possible value.
  • Iterate over array.
  • If current element is greater than highest
    • Assign secondHighest = highest
    • Assign highest = currentElement
  • Else if current element is greater than secondHighest
    • Assign secondHighest =current element

Java Program to find second largest number in array:

Create the main java class named
public class FindSecondLargestMain { public static void main(String args[]) { int[] arr1={7,5,6,1,4,2}; int secondHighest=findSecondLargestNumberInTheArray(arr1); System.out.println("Second largest element in the array : "+ secondHighest); } public static int findSecondLargestNumberInTheArray(int array[]) { // Initialize these to the smallest value possible int highest = Integer.MIN_VALUE; int secondHighest = Integer.MIN_VALUE; // Loop over the array for (int i = 0; i < array.length; i++) { // If current element is greater than highest if (array[i] > highest) { // assign second highest element to highest element secondHighest = highest; // highest element to current element highest = array[i]; } else if (array[i] > secondHighest && array[i]!=highest) // Just replace the second highest secondHighest = array[i]; } // After exiting the loop, secondHighest now represents the second // largest value in the array return secondHighest; } }

When you run the above program, you will get the below output:
Second largest element in the array : 6

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