System Design

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to System Design
  2. Scalability and Failover Server Strategies
  3. Database Design
  4. Caching Strategies
  5. Load Balancing
  6. Microservices Architecture
    • Breaking down large systems into manageable microservices.
  7. Message Queues and Event-Driven Architecture
    • Building real-time, scalable applications with message queues.
  8. Distributed Systems
    • Challenges and solutions for managing distributed systems.
  9. Security in System Design
    • Strategies to protect your systems from threats and breaches.
  10. Monitoring and Logging
    • Implementing effective monitoring and logging solutions for your systems.
  11. Availability & Reliability
    • Strategies to ensure high availability and reliability in system design.
  12. Real-World Complex System Examples
    • Case studies of systems like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.
  13. Design Patterns for System Design
    • Common design patterns applied in system design.
  14. System Design Tools and Resources
    • A collection of tools and references for your system design journey.

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