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Question 53 : Find intersection of two linked lists?

Given two singly linked lists, find if two linked lists intersect. If they intersect, find the intersection point.


Here is a simple algorithm to find the Intersection of two linked lists.

  • Find the length of both singly-linked lists.
  • Find the bigger linked list and iterate up to the difference between the two linked lists.
  • Please note that two linked lists will become equal at this step.
  • Iterate over both linked lists and check if there is any common node, if you find one, return it.
public class LinkedList{ private Node head; private static class Node { private int value; private Node next; Node(int value) { this.value = value; } } public void addToTheLast(Node node) { if (head == null) { head = node; } else { Node temp = head; while ( != null) temp =; = node; } } public Node findIntersectionNode(Node list1, Node list2) { int lengthOfList1 = 0; int lengthOfList2 = 0; Node temp1=list1, temp2=list2; if (temp1 == null || temp2 == null) return null; // Find the length of both linked list while(temp1 != null){ lengthOfList1++; temp1 =; } while(temp2 !=null){ lengthOfList2++; temp2 =; } int difference = 0; Node ptr1=list1; Node ptr2=list2; // Find bigger linked list and iterate upto the different between two linked list. if(lengthOfList1 > lengthOfList2){ difference = lengthOfList1-lengthOfList2; int i=0; while(i<difference){ ptr1 =; i++; } }else{ difference = lengthOfList2-lengthOfList1; int i=0; while(i<difference){ ptr2 =; i++; } } // Iterate over both linked list and find the common node while(ptr1 != null && ptr2 != null){ if(ptr1 == ptr2){ return ptr1; } ptr1 =; ptr2 =; } return null; } public static void main(String[] args) { LinkedList list1 = new LinkedList(); // Creating a linked list Node head1=new Node(5); list1.addToTheLast(head1); list1.addToTheLast(new Node(6)); Node node = new Node(7); list1.addToTheLast(node); list1.addToTheLast(new Node(1)); list1.addToTheLast(new Node(2)); LinkedList list2 = new LinkedList(); Node head2=new Node(4); list2.addToTheLast(head2); list2.addToTheLast(node); Node findIntersectionNode = list1.findIntersectionNode(head1, head2); if(findIntersectionNode==null) { System.out.println("Two linked lists do not intersect!!"); } else { System.out.println("Intersecting node: "+findIntersectionNode.value); } } }
When you run the above program, you will get below output
Intersecting node: 7

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